My Approach

I use a strengths based approach to help you grow from where ever you are now.  This means enhancing your skills, talents, and assets with evidence based techniques of mental training from solid research in the fields of sport and performance psychology.  My approach is an integrated one that helps you develop positive thinking, manage your emotions, and engage in productive behaviors for your area of competition and performance.  This may also include learning new mental skills that you can incorporate into your training and performance, allowing you to reach new heights.

Who is Todd?

I have been a teacher and coach for over 30 years.  My interest in sport psychology began in college with an introductory class on the field.  Over the years I successfully implemented many of the strategies into my teaching and coaching.  In 2012 I decided to shift my focus to private practice, and have enjoyed the opportunity to work with many athletes in a variety of contexts.

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Todd Dilbeck

MA, CMPC #577